Work Options for Women Partnership

Honeycomb & Co. is proud to announce that we've partnered with Work Options for Women, a Denver based non-profit organization. W.O.W. seeks to help women break through social, economic, and personal barriers to find gainful and lasting employment. They also offer lifetime counseling services to help women transition to new jobs or to persevere through difficult seasons in their current jobs. Most of the career opportunities WOW provides revolve around the food and food service industries, and WOW teaches each woman self-worth along with life skills that will help them find a career that supports their family and themselves! We're so proud that we can donate a portion of our sales to this amazing organization each month. 
Look for events and specials that directly benefit Work Options for Women throughout the year! We'll let you know when you can participate in purposefully giving to women who otherwise may not have had a chance to find meaningful work, but who are now thriving in their new careers, thanks to WOW!
Find out more about this awesome organization at